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testxss: PHP tool to test XSS

testxss PHP tool to test XSS. Note that this is an automated tool, a manual check is still required. Download git clone Use Usage: php testxss.php [OPTIONS] Options: -h, –help print this help –burp...


whapa: WhatsApp Parser Toolset

Whatsapp Parser Toolset Whapa is a toolset to analyze the WhatsApp app for android. All tools are written in Python 2.X. Whapa toolset is divided into three tools: Whapa (Whatsapp Parser) Whademe (Whatsapp Decrypter and Merger)...


bettercap v2.8 releases: Swiss army knife for network attacks and monitoring

bettercap is the Swiss army knife for network attacks and monitoring. Bettercap v2.8 released. Changelog New Features single https certificate / authority fields can now be customized via dedicated module parameters ( http.server, https.proxy and ) implemented http.proxy.injectjs and https.proxy.injectjs parameters to...