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airpydump: Analyze Wireless Packets on the fly

airpydump airpydump is a wireless packet analyzer, providing the interface most likely that of airodump-ng from aircrack suite. It currently provides three working modes which are Reader, Stealth, and Live. Reader Mode is used...

Automated Threat Intelligent System

Automated Threat Intelligent System

Automated Threat Intelligent System An improvised automated threat intelligent system with advanced vulnerability scanners and Opensource Intelligence Information gathering python scripts when integrated with McAfee Advanced Threat Defense and Malware Information Sharing Platform can...

Ethereum fuzz testing framework

echidna: Ethereum fuzz testing framework

echidna Echidna is a weird creature that eats bugs and is highly electrosensitive (with apologies to Jacob Stanley) More seriously, Echidna is a Haskell library designed for fuzzing/property-based testing of EVM code. It supports...