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iKy: collects information from an email

iKy: collects information from an email

iKy Project iKy is a tool that collects information from an email and shows results in a nice visual interface. Features Beautiful Really nice and friendly interface Simple Just enter the email and the...


goDoH: A DNS-over-HTTPS C2

godoh godoh is a proof of concept Command and Control framework, written in Golang, that uses DNS-over-HTTPS as a transport medium. Currently, supported providers include Google, Cloudflare but also contains the ability to use traditional...


dependency-track v3.5.1 releases: intelligent Software Composition Analysis (SCA) platform

Dependency-Track Modern applications leverage the availability of existing components for use as building blocks in application development. By using existing components, organizations can dramatically decrease time-to-market. Reusing existing components, however, comes at a cost....