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Real Intelligence Threat Analytics

RITA v1.1.0: Real Intelligence Threat Analytics

Real Intelligence Threat Analytics (RITA) is an open source framework for network traffic analysis. The framework ingests Bro Logs, and currently supports the following analysis features: Beaconing Detection: Search for signs of beaconing behavior in...

Nginx Bad Bot

nginx ultimate bad bot blocker v3.2018.10.1225 releases

Welcome to the Ultimate Nginx Bad Bot, User-Agent, Spam Referrer Blocker, Adware, Malware and Ransomware Blocker, Click-Jacking Blocker, Click-Redirect Blocker and Bad IP Blocker with Anti-DDOS System, Nginx Rate Limiting and WordPress Theme Detector...


enumerid: Enumerate RIDs using pure Python

enumerid Enumerid is an impacket based Relative Identifier (RID) enumeration utility. It was initially created to solve a common problem that attackers face after getting an initial compromise- getting oriented within the network. Historically this means...