Altman: the cross platform webshell tool in .NET



Altman3 is a penetration testing software, which is web-hosted on Github Pages.

Up to now, the software is capable of:

  • Webshell module: the xml definition is adopted for customized script type and function, as well as encryption/encoding.
    • Shell management plugin
    • Command execution plugin
    • File management plugin
    • Database management plugin
    • Script types supported include: asp, aspx, php, jspFull, python.
  • Encoder plugin
  • IP address query plugin
  • Plugin management center
  • Custom plugin: support for the use of C# or IronPython to program plugins or services
  • Plugin service mechanism: the plugin can recall service of other plugins.


git clone


  1. Create BuildBuild\BinBuild\PluginsBuild\Services directory
  2. Copy all the files under the Resources\RunNeed directory to the Build directory
  3. Copy all the files under the Libraries\IronPython directory to the Build\Bin directory (if you have already installed IronPython on the host, skip this step).
  4. Copy all the files under the Libraries\Sqlite3 directory to the Build directory
  5. Use VS2012 (or higher version) or MonoDevelop to compile
  6. For the host of Linux or Mac, errors may be reported during plugin compiling as windows commands are incompatible in Linux or Mac.
  • Thus you can change the word copy in file *.csproj to cp,and the word call to sh, and then recompile.
  • Or you can ignore this error and manually copy the compiled dll plugin to the Plugins directory, where the path must be similar to the Plugins\ShellCmder\ShellCmder.dll
  1. If you need to compile a Mac version, manually copy all files (except Altman.Mac) under the Build directory to the Build\Altman.Mac\Contents\MonoBundle directory before Debug or running.


Altman3 is based on .Net4.0, can be perfect run in WindowsLinuxMac and other platforms via Eto.Form.

  • For Windows,
    • Double click to run Altman.Winform.exe; installment of .Net4.0 is required.
    • Double click to run Altman.Gtk.exe; installment of .Net4.0 and gtk-sharp2 is required.
  • For Linux,
    • Run mono Altman.Gtk.exe under command line; installment of Monolibgdiplus and gtk-sharp2 is required.
  • For OS X,
    • Run mono Altman.Gtk.exe under command line; installment of Mono and gtk-sharp2 is required.
    • Double click to run Altman.Mac, installment of Mono is required.
  • How to install the mono environment in a more simple way
  • If you need to enable the IronPython support, you need to install IronPython (if the program already includes IronPython, additional installment is not necessary)
  • For common errors, please visit FAQ


Altman3 uses the MEF plugin architecture and also supports IronPython.

  • Adopt C# to compile plugins/services
  • Adopt IronPython to compile plugins/services

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