backHack: perform Android app analysis


a tool to perform Android app analysis by backing up and extracting apps, allowing you to analyze and modify file system contents for apps.


git clone


v3.1: Download APK from device
v3.0: iOS Backup Parsing!
v2.5: Allow for easier app selection.
v2.0: Run straight from the command line!
v1.6: WINDOWS Support has been added!


To run from command line (new in v2.0):

command: python --app
--app APPNAME, -a APPNAME (name of app to backup/analyze/restore)
--listapps, -l (List apps installed on device)

NEW: iOS Mode (1):

python –ios –app appname (iOS mode. Specify app name and backHack will parse all backups from iTunes for which files may be of interest)

To run interactively:

command: python

1 Select App Package
2 Backup and Extract App
3 Repack and Restore App
99 Exit
Please select an option:

1 List Apps on Device
2 Search for App
3 Type in App Name
99 Go Back
Please select an option:
(1): Have not tested encrypted backups yet….

Copyright 2016 Kirk Hayes (l0gan)