BoopSuite v3.0.1 releases: wireless auditing and security testing toolkit

BoopSuite is an up and coming suite of wireless tools designed to be easy to use and powerful in scope, written in python with semicolons because I hate children.

Changelog v3.0.1

  • Modernized the code base for extensibility
  • Changed EVERYTHING


git clone
cd BoopSuite
pip install -r requirements.txt
chmod +x




To start sniffing:

boopsniff -i wlan1mon

To specify a channel:

boopsniff -i wlan1mon -c 6

Boop also works on the 5ghz spectrum if you have a supporting card:

boopsniff -i wlan1mon -f 5

Reporting can also be enabled:

boopsniff -i wlan1mon -r ~/report.txt

If some processes are interfering then you can preemptively kill them with:

boopsniff -i wlan1mon -k

If you want to see unassociated clients:

boopsniff -i wlan1mon -u

If you want to filter by a specific AP mac address:

boopsniff -i wlan1mon -a xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx

New Update includes a GUI tool:


Set card to monitor mode:

boop -i wlan1

Set card to managed mode:

boop -i wlan1mon

Set card to a specific name:

boop -i wlan1 -n boop1

note: will enable or disable monitor mode accordingly.

Set channel on card:

boop -i wlan1 -c 11

Note: Will do error checking if you specify a channel the card doesn’t support and is ready for cards supporting the 5GHz network.

Kill any interfering tasks:

boop -i wlan1 -k

Put it all together:

boop -i wlan1 -n boop1 -c 11 -k

NOTE: boop will always switch the mode from managed to monitor and vice versa.

MIT License (c) MisterBianco, 2017