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IoTGoat: deliberately insecure firmware based on OpenWrt

The IoTGoat Project is a deliberately insecure firmware based on OpenWrt. The project’s goal is to teach users about the most common vulnerabilities typically found in IoT devices. The vulnerabilities will be based on...

IVideon data breach cameradar

Cameradar v5.0.2 releases: Hacking RTSP CCTV Cameras

Cameradar Cameradar allows you to Detect open RTSP hosts on any accessible target host Detect which device model is streaming Launch automated dictionary attacks to get their stream route (e.g.: /live.sdp) Launch automated dictionary attacks to...


EmbedOS v2020.2 releases: Embedded security testing virtual machine

EmbedOS EmbedOS – Embedded security testing operating system preloaded with firmware security testing tools. The virtual machine can be downloaded and imported as an OVF file into VirtualBox or VMWare. Tools (~/tools) Firmware Analysis...