ciscoconfparse v1.3.37 releases: Parse, Audit, Query, Build, and Modify Cisco IOS-style configurations

Introduction: What is ciscoconfparse?

ciscoconfparse is a Python library, which parses through Cisco IOS-style (and other vendors) configurations. It can:

  • Audit existing router / switch / firewall / wlc configurations
  • Retrieve portions of the configuration
  • Modify existing configurations
  • Build new configurations

The library examines an IOS-style config and breaks it into a set of linked parent/child relationships. You can perform complex queries about these relationships.



What if we don’t use Cisco?

Don’t let that stop you.

As of CiscoConfParse 1.2.4, you can parse brace-delimited configurations into a Cisco IOS style (see Github Issue #17), which means that CiscoConfParse understands these configurations:

  • Juniper Networks Junos
  • Palo Alto Networks Firewall configurations
  • F5 Networks configurations

It also handles anything that has a Cisco IOS style of configuration, which includes:

  • Cisco IOS, Cisco Nexus, Cisco IOS-XR, Cisco IOS-XE, Aironet OS, Cisco ASA, Cisco CatOS
  • Arista EOS
  • Brocade
  • HP Switches
  • Force 10 Switches
  • Dell PowerConnect Switches
  • Extreme Networks
  • Enterasys
  • Screenos

Changelog v1.3.37 20190512

  • Take a step further towards full Python 3 compat (Github issue #98)

Download && Tutorial

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