cloud reports v1.0.7 releases: Scans your AWS cloud resources and generates reports

Cloud Reports

Collects info about various cloud resources and analyzes them against best practices and give a JSON, HTML or PDF



These collect the information about various cloud resources from the cloud provider. This information later used by Analyzers to analyze.


Analyzers are the codified best practices for the cloud and these analyzes each best practice against the collected information and generates a report which then consumed by Reporters to generate reports in a desired format.


These are for generating reports in various formats and currently supported formats are JSON, HTML and PDF.

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

We are implementing checks based on AWS Well Architected best practices.


git clone
cd cloud-reports
npm install
npm run build



This collects and analyzes information about your AWS cloud and stores as a report file with name scan_report.pdf.

  • To run for all modules
npm run scan -- --profile Your-AWS-profile
  • To run for a specific module
npm run scan -- --profile Your-AWS-profile --module s3,acm
  • To run for a single module
npm run scan -- --profile Your-AWS-profile --module s3

We can generate a report in the following formats:

  • To generate HTML report file
npm run scan -- --profile Your-AWS-profile -f html
  • To generate a PDF report file
npm run scan -- --profile Your-AWS-profile -f pdf
  • To generate JSON report file
npm run scan -- --profile Your-AWS-profile -f json

Sample reports

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