cutter v1.8.1 released: Qt and C++ GUI for radare2 reverse engineering framework


A Qt and C++ GUI for radare2 reverse engineering framework (originally named Iaito).



Cutter is not aimed at existing radare2 users. It instead focuses on those whose are not yet radare2 users because of the learning curve, because they don’t like CLI applications or because of the difficulty/instability of radare2.

Changelog v1.8.1


  • Update radare2 to 3.4.1 (#1420)
  • Add automatic Crash Handling (#1157#1439#1443#1447#1449)
  • Navigate through graph view with arrows (#1441)
  • Implement middle mouse button panning. (#1433)
  • Make plugins path selectable and bold (#1422)
  • Load plugins from app dir on Windows (#1408)
  • Implement Getter for MainWindow’s menus (#1418)
  • Enable dock grouped dragging when available. (#1402)
  • Add emu.str in Preferences->Metadata (#1369)
  • Add compiler information to dashboard (#1385)

Fixes and Changes

  • Refactor Refresh and Display of Overview (#1453)
  • Fix Segfault with Extra Widgets
  • Removed max bbsize analysis option (#1424)
  • Fix crash in StringsWidget::on_actionX_refs_triggered. (#1450)
  • Focus on visible disasm or graph (#1444)
  • fix compile ubuntu gcc7 (#1442)
  • Use Python stable ABI >= 3.5 (#1426)
  • Replace GraphView::useCache with dirty flag (#1437)
  • Bring back Launch Script for macOS (#1438)
  • Fix GraphEdge initialization in DisassemblerGraphView (#1436)
  • Rewrite block sorting and placment so that unreachable blocks are processed. (#1428)
  • Minor Header Optimizations (#1429)
  • R2PluginsDialog: Sort plugins by name in ascending order (#1431)
  • Meson: remove workaround for qtmain lib (#1430)
  • Make graph layout more failure resistant. (#1427)
  • Separate graph layout code from GraphView. (#1414)
  • Take pixel ratio into account for graph cache. (#1405)
  • Get color for optimization (#1404)
  • Init Layout after loading Plugin UI (#1407)
  • Xrefs select top item (#1401)
  • Do not update sectionWidget position outside valid range. (#1399)
  • Fixed not switching Disassembly to not opened Graph view using (#1370)
  • Check for lrelease-qt5 (#1396)
  • Renamed asm.bbline to (#1400)
  • Fixed overview basic block highlighting (#1393)
  • Remove Jupyter Integration (#1398)
  • Improve hexdump width calculation. (#1389)
  • Fixed a few issues with the XRef dialog (#1384)
  • Delete all PySide2 QObjects before Py_Finalize() (#1386)
  • Add CutterPlugin::terminate() (#1372)
  • Build an app bundle on macOS (#1355)
  • DisassemblerGraphView zooming fix (#1354)
  • Feature/dialogs optimization (#1360)
  • Fix a bug regarding highlighting the words in Graph
  • Fix crash because of mixing debug and release CRT. (#1361)
  • Extend FindPySide2.cmake and FindShiboken2.cmake for current versions (#1358)
  • Fixed a bug related to reset_settings (#1349)


Cutter is developed on OS X, Linux, and Windows. The first release for users will include installers for all three platforms.

Keyboard shortcuts

Global shortcuts:
.Focus console input
G & SFocus search bar
F5Refresh contents
Disassembly view:
EscSeek to the previous position
SpaceSwitch to disassembly graph view
;Add comment
NRename current function/flag
Shift+NRename flag/function used here
XShow Xrefs
Disassembly graph view:
EscSeek to the previous position
SpaceSwitch to disassembly view
+Zoom in
Zoom out
=Reset zoom
JNext instruction
KPrevious instruction

Copyright (C) 2017 xarkes