Dwarf: gui for android reverse engineers and crackers


Aka my wip gui for android reverse engineers and crackers. Built on top of pyqt5 (compatible with all os’s), Frida and some terrible code.

android reverse engineers



  • Quick spawn, inject and sleep at application onCreate
  • Hook natives, java and loading modules cycle before initializations
  • Hooks conditions and js script logic
  • Manipulate memory and arguments
  • Memory and disasm view (Powered by capstone)
  • Switch between hooks on different threads
  • Inputs are evaluated. Frida js api and dwarf shortcuts are usable in almost any input field
  • Variables creation
  • Save and load back hooks and variables



  • A rooted Android with Frida server installed and running.

Setup and run

git clone https://github.com/iGio90/Dwarf

python3 main.py com.target.package -s

Once spawned – Dwarf attaches to the onCreate method of the Android Application class and sleeps the process until the release button is pushed. A good time to begin adding hooks in the top left panel. When you add a hook, an input dialogue will pop. This input will be evaluated with Frida api – aka – using Frida api inside the input is possible (Module.findExportByName etc.) You can double click on the thread id (if multiple hooks got hit on different threads) to switch context.

Copyright (C) 2019 iGio90

Source: https://github.com/iGio90/