Google Chrome continues to improve the UI interface

The Google Chrome development team is currently working on the tweaking user interface in the development and canary versions and using more Google material language to improve the interface.

In the previous version, the development team suddenly moved the new tab to the far left, no matter how many tabs the user created, he had to move the mouse to the left and click again.

This is a disaster for users who often open a lot of new tabs, because each time you create a new label, you have to pull from the far right to the left.

Fortunately, most users who use the beta version do not like this new design, so complaints and feedbacks are like snowflakes to the official Google blog.

Google has not released any official announcements on this matter, but in the most recent version, the Google Chrome development team has moved the new tab button back to the right.

Users can experience the new user interface by turning on experimental features, provided that you need to install Google Chrome Developer Edition or Canary Edition.

Individually, type chrome://flags/#top-chrome-md in the address bar and change the options behind it to Refresh to restart the browser.