Google Chrome is testing the picture-in-picture feature

The Google Chrome Canary has now added a picture-in-picture feature to the experimental feature, which means that the video content can be played off the browser window.

The advantage of the PIP function is that you can do other work while watching the video. If you only use a single display, the PIP function will be very convenient.

The primary support for picture-in-picture is Google’s website, such as YouTube video sites and videos from other Google services.

After using the picture-in-picture function, right-click the video twice to pop up the menu, then select the picture-in-picture function video window to drag and drop.

This feature does not support multiple video sites; it seems that Google should be required to release the API interface and then adapt this feature by the website.

How to open the picture in picture function:

This feature only supports Google Chrome Canary for the time being, so if you want to experience it, please download and install the latest version of Google Chrome Canary.

After downloading, copy the following address in the Canary version address bar and press Enter, then change the default Default to Enabled and restart the browser.