Google Chrome is the most popular web browser with 58.09% market share

StatCounter, a website traffic monitoring agency, announced global browser market share data for May.


The results show that Chrome holds the top spot with a market share of 58.09%, followed by Safari with 13.7%, while domestic browser UC holds 8.16% of the market share, and IE’s IE now has 3.08% of the market. Although Microsoft’s newly launched Edge browser has continued to behave recently, it has been providing users with more diverse and efficient features, but traffic statistics show that its market share is still meagre, only 1.91%.


Although the Windows operating system is still a big market, its pre-installed IE and Edge browsers should also account for a significant proportion of the market, but StatCounter counts the traffic of users through a browser to access web pages, rather than the number of browsers is installed.

StatCounter is a website traffic monitoring agency. It provides a powerful real-time traffic monitoring solution. After users register for the StatCounter service, they receive HTML and Javascript code for a webpage. Just embed the code in the webpage and access the webpage when there is traffic. It will be recorded. StatCounter collects and publishes global traffic information collected on the usage scenarios of browsers, operating systems, search engines, and social media every month.