Google Chrome v67.0.3396.87 release: fix hight security bug

Google Chrome stable version of Google Chrome ushered in the v67 official version of the third maintenance release; the detailed version number is v67.0.3396.87, last official version v67.0.3396.79 was released on June 7, after a lapse of 6 days Google A new version of the Chrome browser was released. The upgrade was mainly a one-time security fix and stability improvement.

The new site-isolation feature in the official version of Google Chrome v67 can increase the overall security of the Chrome browser, protect users, or minimise the risk of attacks that may be caused by Spectre security vulnerabilities that are of widespread concern to the media. The vulnerability is not less than Four variants. Also, it makes full use of sensors in smartphones and brings better immersive experiences to mobile devices through the new WebXR framework (which already incorporates many VR and AR APIs). These APIs can be used to create web games such as desktop mazes or utility tools such as digital compasses.

Google Chrome v66 official version to prevent the automatic play video feature, you can avoid annoying web page video automatically play, but also enhance the console features and equipment updates, regarding security, also added third-party APP security prompts.

Chrome Stable has been updated to v67.0.3396.87 security fixes and bonuses.

  • [$TBD][848672] High CVE-2018-6149: Out of bounds write in V8. Reported by Yu Zhou and Yuan Deng of Ant-financial Light-Year Security Lab on 2018-06-01