Google Maps became Pac-Man at April Fool’s Day

It seems that Ms. Pac-Man has visited the Google Maps app. Google will launch a series of mischievous videos and Easter eggs every year at April Fool’s Day, and it looks like the Goole map team is using an old prank idea to deal with the April Fool’s Day.

To find Ms. Pac-Man, users can open the Google Maps app and click the pink button on the right. Unlike the 2005 joystick game, it does not turn the user’s current position into a game level. Instead, the user will be taken to the random place in the world and get five levels to defeat the ghosts. Today, some users report that iOS version allows users to choose places, and Android version will be users to a random location.

If the user wants to choose their place in Google Maps and turn them into a Pac-Man game, the page version seems to support the user’s own location.

Enjoy game here for based-web Google map.