Hackode- An Amazing Solution for Ethical Hackers

Developed by Ravi Kumar, Hackode is a popular Android app meant to be used by professionals working in the cyber security domain as well as ethical hackers. It can also be used by people in the IT industry like administrators or penetration testers. This app can efficiently scan a target and find the vulnerabilities. If you are concerned about the security of the devices or network where you work, Hackode is a great app to have in the collection.
It is important to note that the app is not available on play store just like many other security-related
apps which do not agree with Play Store’s terms and conditions. If you want to use it, you can download the Hackode APK from a third party app store.

What Can It Do?

When you open the app for the first time, you will find 4 different options – Security Feed, Exploit,
Reconnaissance and Scanning. Let’s see how each of the features can benefit a user.


As the name suggests, this feature is used for scanning your target. It has the following subfeatures.

  • You can test whether a host is reachable and you can check how much time it takes to send a
    message between the host and the destination by the Ping feature.
  • You can identify the connection speed of the intermediate devices by Traceroute.
  • DNS Dig can be used to find all the required information about the target’s DNS server.
  • All information related to the target’s mail server can be found using Mx Record.

This feature has 2 main tools

Google Hacking

There are 6 different features that can be used to find vulnerabilities.

  • PHP config allows you to access the sites which can be infected with malicious files.
  • SQLInjection displays the sites which can be hampered using SQL injection attacks.
  • MySQLServer displays the search result using which you can obtain sensitive information from
    the MySQL Server of the target.
  • PhpMyAdmin directly takes you to the information table of vulnerable sites after bypassing
    admin password and username.
  • Passwords help you to get the files consisting of SQL instructions where the admin created a
    password for people who use the database.
  • If you want to check some SAMLphp login pages, use the Login Portals feature.

Whois Lookup

You can gather information regarding an IP address or domain name. If you want detailed information like DNS, server type and status along with contact information, you can also obtain it using this feature.


The exploits feature is not quite ready and it has been the same since 2013. Maybe the developer got stuck with some terms and conditions related issue or maybe the feature is not ready yet. We have no other option but to wait.

Security Feed

This feature shows all the latest news related to security.

Is the App Really Ethical?

The answer to this question is absolute Yes. The app is only meant for information gathering and it
cannot be used to hack anything that violates the privacy of others. You cannot use it to hack WiFi or Facebook, not even games.