How to Hack Wi-Fi Password in PC or Cell Phone

What word can be more mellifluous than the word “free.” Getting something for free raises our mood, normalizes blood pressure, and boosts our overall morale. Alas, we have to pay for everything in our life, including Internet connection. But some geeks still manage to enjoy this service for free by means of some cheats. There is no need to look at those having free Wi-Fi with covetous eyes anymore. From this article, you are going to learn about the most effective methods you will be able to utilize to hack Wi-Fi and start enjoying the bounty of the World Wide Web.

Please note that in the given article we won’t dwell in great detail on each method, but instead will introduce and outline the most effective ways of cracking Wi-Fi passwords and refer you to comprehensive third-party guides walking you through the process of acquiring, installing, and using the hacks.

Cracking Wi-Fi Using Windows Aircrack-ng

You can hack Wi-Fi from your Windows computer using the Windows Aircrack-ng cheat program. The working principle of this program is quite simple. As any keys hacking application, it captures essential Wi-Fi data until it recovers the required keys in order to grant you access to Wi-Fi. While employing good old FMS attack method, the program utilizes some new
optimization techniques, which allows reducing the duration of the cracking process. Those users that possess the minimum command line skills shouldn’t experience any difficulty with Aircrack-ng. This tool has a simple user-friendly interface. Moreover, there are some useful printed guides and videos on how to use Aircrack-ng available on the Internet. Feel free to
familiarize yourself with them, if there any problem with utilizing Aircrack-ng.

Download Aircrack-ng for Windows

You can also find the video below helpful:

Hacking Wi-Fi from an Android Device Using Kali Linux

Not only PC but also Android users wonder what applications can be utilized to effectively hack a Wi-Fi password. We would recommend using Kali Linux if you’re determined to crack Wi-Fi on your cell phone. Download the application from the Internet and install it onto your device. Make sure to follow installation recommendations to ensure proper operation of the new program.
If you need more details on how to crack Wi-Fi passwords with the help of Kali Linux, don’t hesitate to watch the following video:

Recovering Wi-Fi Network Password Using the WPS Connect Application

Who could think of Google Play Store as capable of providing us with an excellent tool to hack Wi-Fi passwords! What can we say…? Life is all about surprises. So, let us introduce a useful application you can download from Google Play Store called WPS Connect App. If you start googling for this method, you’ll find out that WPS Connect is utilized globally by lots of people reluctant to pay for their Internet connection. So, go visit Google Store and get the necessary software on your cell phone. Make certain that your device is rooted prior to running the acquired application. If you’re eager to learn more about using WPS Connect App, feel free to watch this video:

Viewing Saved Wi-Fi Passwords in Your Phone

Android users can try such a cheat as viewing saved passwords in mobile devices. To do this, you’ll need to visit the Google Play Store and download a free Wi-Fi password recovery program. Once the application is downloaded and installed, grant your device root permissions. Upon doing that, you’ll be able to view all saved Wi-Fi passwords in your mobile phone.
Enjoy your free Wi-Fi!