iOS 12 allows users to generate iCloud links for sharing pictures

Apple released the third beta of iOS 12 this week, and in this latest beta, a new feature makes it easier for users to share photos in the iPhone’s photo app quickly. As Reddit user Hunkir found, in the latest iOS 12 beta, when you try to share a picture, a “copy link” option appears in the share list.

Image: Reddit user Hunkir

Use the “Copy Link” option to generate an iCloud URL that users can share with their friends or family. It understands that this link is valid for 30 days, users can view shared photos, but also download.

On iOS 12, when you try to share one or more photos, the “Copy Link” will appear. Sharing the above link in the messaging app will also display a photo preview. When sharing these photos, the corresponding EXIF data will also be shared, including their location information, shooting equipment, the name of the picture, and more.

Although this is just a small change, sharing photos with iOS 12 will be more accessible for many users. Not only that, but users can also share photos in their original high-resolution state.

It’s unclear whether sharing the space occupied by photos will take up iCloud storage.