jadx v1.4.7 released: Dex to Java decompiler

jadx – Dex to Java decompiler

Command-line and GUI tools for producing Java source code from Android Dex and Apk files


Changelog v1.4.7


  • [core] Inline lambdas by instance field (#1800)
  • [plugins] Allow to load classes using input stream or byte array in jadx-input plugin (#1457)

Bug Fixes

  • [core] Restore missing type parameter declarations (#1800)
  • [core] Filter invalid chars in app name for gradle export (PR #1813)
  • [core] Correct args shift for instance invoke-custom (#1816)
  • [core] Additional checks to forbid inline of null consts (#1828)
  • [core] Use strict patterns for synthetic methods inline (#1829)
  • [res] Resolve manifest decoding error Expected strings start (#1797)(PR #1798)
  • [res] Handle RES_TABLE_TYPE_OVERLAY (#1748) (PR #1804)
  • [res] Parsing of sparse RES_TABLE_TYPE_TYPE and RES_TABLE_TYPE_STAGED_ALIAS chunks (#1806 #1803)(PR #1807)
  • [res] Resolve int hex attributes
  • [res] Resolve custom attributes
  • [res] Resolve declare-styleable atrributes
  • [res] Set empty parent for styles without a parent, remove duplicated code
  • [xml] Use parent attribute only for styles (PR #1815)
  • [gui] Search constant fields usage in all classes (#1801)
  • [gui] Redirect jump from search for inlined classes
  • [gui] Show skipped resources count during search (#1808)
  • [gui] Update Messages_zh_CN.properties (PR #1811)
  • [debugger] Process UI updates in correct thread (#1796)
  • [cli] Make enum CLI arguments match documented format (PR #1787)


Building from source

git clone https://github.com/skylot/jadx.git

cd jadx
./gradlew dist



(on Windows, use gradlew.bat instead of ./gradlew)

Scripts for run jadx will be placed in build/jadx/bin and also packed to build/jadx-<version>.zip


Run jadx on itself:

cd build/jadx/

bin/jadx -d out lib/jadx-core-*.jar
bin/jadx-gui lib/jadx-core-*.jar



jadx[-gui] [options] <input file> (.dex, .apk, .jar or .class)

-d, --output-dir - output directory
-j, --threads-count - processing threads count
-r, --no-res - do not decode resources
-s, --no-src - do not decompile source code
-e, --export-gradle - save as android gradle project
--show-bad-code - show inconsistent code (incorrectly decompiled)
--no-replace-consts - don't replace constant value with matching constant field
--escape-unicode - escape non latin characters in strings (with \u)
--deobf - activate deobfuscation
--deobf-min - min length of name
--deobf-max - max length of name
--deobf-rewrite-cfg - force to save deobfuscation map
--deobf-use-sourcename - use source file name as class name alias
--cfg - save methods control flow graph to dot file
--raw-cfg - save methods control flow graph (use raw instructions)
-f, --fallback - make simple dump (using goto instead of 'if', 'for', etc)
-v, --verbose - verbose output
-h, --help - print this help
jadx -d out classes.dex


Copyright 2018 by Skylot