jsfinder: scans web pages to find JavaScript files linked in the HTML source code


jsFinder is a command-line tool written in Go that scans web pages to find JavaScript files linked in the HTML source code. It searches for any attribute that can contain a JavaScript file (e.g., src, href, data-main, etc.) and extracts the URLs of the files to a text file. The tool is designed to be simple to use, and it supports reading URLs from a file or from standard input.

jsFinder is useful for web developers and security professionals who want to find and analyze the JavaScript files used by a web application. By analyzing the JavaScript files, it’s possible to understand the functionality of the application and detect any security vulnerabilities or sensitive information leakage.


  • Reading URLs from a file or from stdin using command line arguments.
  • Running multiple HTTP GET requests concurrently to each URL.
  • Limiting the concurrency of HTTP GET requests using a flag.
  • Using a regular expression to search for JavaScript files in the response body of the HTTP GET requests.
  • Writing the found JavaScript files to a file specified in the command line arguments or to a default file named “output.txt”.
  • Printing informative messages to the console indicating the status of the program’s execution and the output file’s location.
  • Allowing the program to run in verbose or silent mode using a flag.


jsfinder requires Go 1.20 to install successfully. Run the following command to get the repo :

go install -v github.com/kacakb/jsfinder@latest


To see which flags you can use with the tool, use the -h flag.

Copyright (c) 2023 k4Ck

Source: https://github.com/kacakb/