katoolin v2.0.2 releases: Easy install of Kali linux tools on other linux distributions


Command line interface (CLI) to install Kali Linux Tools in your desired distribution.


Provide Kali Linux Tools to other Linux distributions.


  • Install script
  • Uninstall script
  • Bulk install packages
  • Bulk remove packages

Operating System

Pick your preferred operating system you want to deal with. The katoolin toolset and setup-helper is versatile and tries to fit all your needs.


  • Ubuntu 18.04 (native and vbox)
  • Debian Stretch (native and vbox)
  • Linux Mint (vbox)
  • Raspbian (vbox created from PiDesktop release:2018-11-26 kernel:4.9)

Changelog v2.0.2

This release brings up some changes:

  • Fix for #3 – Ubuntu now working
  • Cleanup menus
  • Cleanup packages
  • Increased compatibility


The following tasks will be executed during install:

  • Os/Platform detection
  • Setting up required Python (stick to 2.7) if necessary
  • Adding/Overwriting katoolin as binary


The following tasks can be executed in setup menu:

  • Initialising trusted keys for Kalis repositories
  • Add Kali (rolling) repositories
  • Installs as global command ‘katoolin’

wget https://git.io/fhxF5 -O katoolin.zip
unzip katoolin.zip
sudo ./install.sh


Startsudo katoolinInstalling software requires root
Choose a listed category(int) 1-14
Choose a listed tool(int) 1-99Actual max number depends on category
Install all tools @mainmenu(int) 0Downloading and installing 300+ tools probably cost some time depending on your connection, hardware and os
Install all tools @category(int) 0Adding multiple tools probably cost some time depending on your connection, hardware and os
Go backbackStep back to the parent menu
Go homegohomeEnter the main menu

Source: https://github.com/mko-x/