KDE Plasma 5.12.6 LTS releases

KDE released the sixth version of the long-supported KDE Plasma 5.12 desktop environment to solve various problems and try to improve the overall stability and reliability of the desktop.

After almost two months of KDE Plasma 5.12.5 LTS release, KDE Plasma 5.12.6 LTS was released and added no fewer than 113 fixes to multiple components, including Plasma Desktop, Plasma Workspace, Plasma Discover, System Settings, Plasma NetworkManager (plasma-nm), plasma-integration, Milou, KWin, KSysGuard, Info Center, KDE Hotkeys, and Plasma add-ons.

Highlights of this update include better support for Snap and Flatpak applications in the Plasma Discover graphics package manager and better import of OpenVPN connections in Plasma Network Manager (plasma-nm).
  • Fix avatar picture aliasing and stretching in kickoff. Commit. Fixes bug #369327. Phabricator Code review D12469
  • Discover: Fix there being more security updates than total updates in notifier. Commit. Fixes bug #392056. Phabricator Code review D13596
  • Discover Snap support: make it possible to launch installed applications. Commit..
  • More
Finally, the next version of the KDE Plasma 5.12.7 LTS program will release on September 25, 2018.