Microsoft seems to be developing a new virtual machine platform

Yesterday Microsoft introduced the first Windows 10 19H1 beta to all preview users, and users can participate in the jump branch test from the beginning of the release.

Interestingly, some netizens found that the new beta seems to contain an unknown virtualisation platform. Microsoft did not explain this in its blog yesterday.

The user tried to enable the virtualisation platform, and the results could not be downloaded and installed smoothly. It seems that Microsoft should start to develop and add a new name to the placeholder.

Support for Windows 10 Home Edition:

We know that the Hyper-V virtual machine only enables on Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise Edition, which is not available for Home Edition users.

However, this newly discovered virtualization platform supports Windows 10 Home Edition, which is also the difference between the new platform and the Hyper-V virtual machine.

Currently, because it is still in the testing stage, even if Windows 10 users check and install it, it will not be able to download the corresponding file to open this new feature.

Therefore, for the time being, we can only continue to wait for Microsoft’s subsequent development and release of official statements.