Microsoft will re-issues patches to solve Windows 10 blue screen and .NET errors

Microsoft’s regular update for Windows 10 this month has recurring problems, and Microsoft is customising the solution because of its wide range of influences.

This problem mainly occurs in the built-in .NET Framework framework of the system, and all Windows 10 version installation routines have issues after the update.

However, this considerable amount of software must be enabled for the .NET Framework to work appropriately, so tools such as Microsoft’s own Lync will not work.

Solutions for .NET:

Microsoft has released a temporary solution to help users with this issue, and Microsoft will re-release this month’s regular cumulative update for repair.

“The .NET Framework runtime uses the process token to determine whether the process is being run within an elevated context. These system calls can fail if the required process inspection permissions are not present. This causes an “access denied” error.”

At the same time, some of the COM components use digital signature authentication error conditions, and some online services are forbidden when the server is healthy.

Users who can’t wait can go to the Microsoft support website to find a temporary solution: Access Denied Errors After Rollup Update.

There are also blue screen issues caused by Spectre & Meltdown  vulnerability patches:

The regular cumulative update that Microsoft released this month comes with fixes for the Spectre & Meltdown series variants that exist for modern processors such as Intel.

However, there are currently unofficial sources claiming that there are problems with the bug fixes in this series, which may cause frequent blue screens of death on some devices.

Microsoft officials have not stated this issue, but the company said it would update the fix to replace some of the code in the previous repair.

If the user has not installed the July routine update, please continue to block it, and wait for Microsoft to release the re-created cumulative update before considering the installation.