REDasm v2.1.1 releases: The Open Source Disassembler

REDasm – The Open Source Disassembler

REDasm is an interactive, multiarchitecture disassembler written in modern C++11 using Qt5 as UI Framework, its core is modular and it can be easily extended in order to support new file formats and instruction sets.
You can hack and improve REDasm without any issues and limitations.

x86 and x86_64Capstone based
MIPSCapstone based, Little/Bin endian modes
ARMCapstone based, 32 bits only
CHIP-8Just for fun!
Portable Executable (PE)32/64 bits
ELF Executable32/64 bits, Little/Big endian
Sony PlayStation 1 ExecutablePsyQ 4.6/7 signatures available
Android Dalvik Executable (DEX)
XBox1 Executable (XBE)
GameBoy Advance ROMIn development
Nintendo64 ROMLittle/Big endian and “swapped roms” are supported, In development

REDasm is under heavy development but it provides several interesting features:

  • IDA-Like interactive listing.
  • Multithreaded analysis.
  • Graphing support.
  • Project management.
  • Signature engine.
  • Cross-platform.
  • Easy to use.

Changelog v2.1.1

  • Reimplemented GotoModel.
  • Fixed crashes and undefined behaviors on ARM.
  • Fixed out-of-buffer access.
  • Fixed Goto Action.
  • Removed some u64 <-> size_t silent conversions.
  • ListingItemModel: Fixed invalid memory access.
  • DisassemblerTextView: Fixed text selection.
  • 32-bit OS support (WIP).
  • Minor fixes.

Install & Tutorial

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