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legion v0.4 releases: open source network penetration testing tool

Legion, a fork of SECFORCE’s Sparta, is an open source, easy-to-use, super-extensible and semi-automated network penetration testing framework that aids in discovery, reconnaissance, and exploitation of information systems. Legion is developed and maintained by GoVanguard. FEATURES Automatic...

DRACOON Phishing

TrendMicro Exposes Phishing Scheme Via DRACOON Links

In the shadowy realms of cyberspace, a sophisticated phishing campaign has been unearthed by vigilant security researchers from TrendMicro. This campaign cleverly leverages, a reputed file-sharing platform, to ensnare unsuspecting victims with socially...

Undetectable Crypto Miner

Hacking the Cloud: Undetectable Crypto Miner on Azure

SafeBreach has engineered the first entirely undetectable cloud-based cryptocurrency miner, exploiting Microsoft Azure’s automation service without any incurred expenses. There are three methods for initiating the miner, one of which can operate within an...