poopak: TOR Hidden Service Crawler

POOPAK | TOR Hidden Service Crawler

  • OSINT Tool
  • Search Engine
  • Docker-based

This is an application for crawling, scanning and data gathering of TOR hidden services. The concept through this project is to have a full-featured OSINT application for dark web and TOR researchers.


  • Crawl over tor through a seed file
  • Screenshot hidden services (using Splash)
  • Extract hidden service subjects (using SpaCy)
  • Multi-level crawling
  • Extract urls, crypto addresses [BTC, Monero, ETH], emails, PGP keys and EXIF metadata.
  • Port scanning
  • Web application foot-printing


git clone https://github.com/thelematic/poopak.git
cd  poopak
docker-compose up


Source: https://github.com/thelematic/