prithvi: A Report Generation Tool for Security Assessment


A Report Generation Tool for Security Assessment

Technology Used

  1. Angularjs for frontend
  2. MySQL as Database
  3. NodeJS (ExpressJS) as our backend


  1. Clone the repo: git clone
  2. Create Database `reporting` in a server (We used XAMPP).
  3. Import reporting.sql in your local server.
  4. Download complete source and extract node_modules.
  5. Run index.js and enjoy.
  6. Follow our blog for details


This project of ours could be used for report generation and it’s very easy to use.

It includes the following features

  1. We can add Owasp Types and recommendation with details.
  2. We can add Multiple Projects and work on it separately.
  3. We can add multiple vulnerabilities on different projects with proof of concept.
  4. On generating the report it provides document file (.docx).
  5. Currently, we are trying to add more facilities like Chart and will be updated soon.