ronin v2.0.5 releases: Ruby platform for vulnerability research and exploit development


Ronin is a Ruby platform for vulnerability research and exploit development. Ronin allows for the rapid development and distribution of code, ExploitsPayloadsScanners, etc, via Repositories.


  • Supports installing/updating/uninstalling of Repositories.
  • Provides a Database using DataMapper with:
    • {Ronin::Author}
    • {Ronin::License}
    • {Ronin::Arch}
    • {Ronin::OS}
    • {Ronin::Software}
    • {Ronin::Vendor}
    • {Ronin::Address}
      • {Ronin::MACAddress}
      • {Ronin::IPAddress}
      • {Ronin::HostName}
    • {Ronin::Port}
      • {Ronin::TCPPort}
      • {Ronin::UDPPort}
    • {Ronin::Service}
    • {Ronin::OpenPort}
    • {Ronin::OSGuess}
    • {Ronin::UserName}
    • {Ronin::URL}
    • {Ronin::EmailAddress}
    • {Ronin::Credential}
      • {Ronin::ServiceCredential}
      • {Ronin::WebCredential}
    • {Ronin::Organization}
    • {Ronin::Campaign}
    • {Ronin::Target}
  • Caches exploits, payloads, scanners, etc stored within Repositories into the Database.
  • Convenience methods provided by ronin-support.
  • Provides a customized Ruby Console using Ripl with:
    • Syntax highlighting.
    • Tab completion.
    • Auto indentation.
    • Pretty Printing (pp).
    • print_info, print_error, print_warning, and print_debug output helper methods with color-output.
    • Inline commands (!nmap -v -sT
  • Provides an extensible command-line interface.


It provides users with a powerful Ruby Console, pre-loaded with powerful convenience methods. In the Console, one can work with data and automate complex tasks, with greater ease than the command-line.



It ships with a preconfigured Database, that one can interact with from Ruby, without having to write any SQL.

>> HostName.tld('eu').urls.with_query_param('id')


It provides a Repository system, allowing users to organize and share miscellaneous Data, Code, ExploitsPayloadsScanners, etc.

$ ronin install git://


It provides libraries with additional functionality, such as Exploitation and Scanning:

$ gem install ronin-exploits

Changelog v2.0.5


  • Fixed a bug in ronin cert-gen that prevented generating a new certificate
    signed with an EC key (ex: ronin cert-gen --key-type ec ...).
  • Fixed the formatting of the ronin cert-gen man-page.


$ gem install ronin


Copyright (c) 2006-2021 Hal Brodigan (postmodern.mod3 at