sn0int v0.11.2 releases: OSINT framework and package manager


sn0int is an OSINT framework and package manager. It was built for IT security professionals and bug hunters to gather intelligence about a given target or about yourself. It is enumerating attack surface by semi-automatically processing public information and mapping the results in a unified format for follow-up investigations.

Among other things, it is currently able to:

  •  Harvest subdomains from certificate transparency logs
  •  Harvest subdomains from various passive dns logs
  •  Sift through subdomain results for publicly accessible websites
  •  Harvest emails from pgp keyservers
  •  Enrich ip addresses with ASN and geoip info
  •  Harvest subdomains from the wayback machine
  •  Gather information about phonenumbers
  •  Bruteforce interesting urls

It is heavily inspired by recon-ng and maltego, but remains more flexible and is fully opensource. None of the investigations listed above is hardcoded in the source, instead, those are provided by modules that are executed in a sandbox. You can easily extend sn0int by writing your own modules and share them with other users by publishing them to the sn0int registry. This allows you to ship updates for your modules on your own since you don’t need to send a pull request.

Changelog v0.11.2

    • Resolve an issue on openbsd with std::env::current_exe

Install & Use

Copyright (C) 2018 kpcyrd