Snort 3 beta 3.0.0-250 releases: Intrusion Prevention System


The Snort++ (Snort 3) project has been hard at work for a while now and we have released the fourth alpha of the next generation Snort IPS (Intrusion Prevention System). This file will show you what Snort++ has to offer and guide you through the steps from download to demo.

This version of Snort++ includes new features as well as all Snort 2.X features and bug fixes for the base version of Snort except as indicated below:

Project = Snort++
Binary = snort
Version = 3.0.0-a4 build 235
Base = 2.9.8 build 383

Here are some key features of Snort++:

  • Support multiple packet processing threads
  • Use a shared configuration and attribute table
  • Use a simple, scriptable configuration
  • Make key components pluggable
  • Autodetect services for portless configuration
  • Support sticky buffers in rules
  • Autogenerate reference documentation
  • Provide better cross-platform support
  • Facilitate component testing

Additional features on the roadmap include:

  • Use a shared network map
  • Support pipelining of packet processing
  • Support hardware offload and data plane integration
  • Support proxy mode
  • Windows support


18/12/06 – build 250

— actions: Fix incorrect order of IPS reject unreachable codes and adding forward option
— active: added peg count for injects
— active, detection: active state is tied to specific packet, not thread
— appid: Don’t build unit test components without ENABLE_UNIT_TESTS
— appid: Fix heap overflow issue for a fuzzed pcap
— build: accept generator names with spaces in
— build: clean up additional warnings
— build: fix come cppcheck warnings
— build: fix some int format specifiers
— build: fix some int type conversion warnings
— build: reduce variable scope to address warnings
— detection: enable offloading non-pdu packets
— detection, stream: fixed assuming packets were offloaded when previous packets on flow have been offloaded
— file_api: choose whether to get file config from current config or staged one
— file: fail the reload if capture is enabled for the first time
— framework: Clone databus to new config during module reload
— loggers: Use thread safe strerror_r() instead of strerror()
— main: support resume(n) command
— managers: update action manager to support reload
— module_manager: Fix configuring module parameter defaults when modules have list parameters
— parameter: add max31, max32, and max53 for int upper bounds
— parameter: add maxSZ upper bound for int sizes
— parameter: build out validation unit tests
— parameter: clean up some signed/unsigned mismatches
— parameter: clean up upper bounds
— parameter: remove arbitrary one day limit on timers
— parameter: remove ineffective -1 from pcre_match_limit*
— parameter: reorgranize for unit tests
— parameter: use bool instead of int for bools
— parameter: use consistent default port ranges
— perf_monitor: Actually allow building perf_monitor as a dynamic plugin
— perf_monitor: fix benign parameter errors
— perf_monitor: fixed fbs schema generation when not building with DEBUG
— protocols: add vlan_idx field to Packet struct and handle multiple vlan type ids; thanks to ymansour for reporting the issue
— regex worker: removed assert that didn’t handle locks cleanly
— reputation: Fix iterations of layers for different nested_ip configs and show the blacklisted IP in events
— sip: Added sanity check for buffer boundary while parsing a sip message
— snort2lua: add code to output control = forward under the reject module
— snort2lua: Fix compiler warning for catching exceptions by value
— snort2lua: Fix pcre H and P option conversions for sip
— snort: add –help-limits to output max* values
— snort: Default to a snaplen of 1518
— snort: fix command line parameters to support setting in Lua; thanks to Meridoff <> for reporting the issue
— snort: remove obsolete and inadequate -W option; thanks to Jaime González <> for reporting the issue
— snort: terminate gracefully upon DAQ start failure; thanks to Jaime González <> for reporting the issue
— so rules: add robust stub parsing
— stream: fixed stream_base flow peg count sum_stats bug
— stream tcp: fixed applying post-inspection operations to wrong rebuilt packet
— stream tcp: fixed sequence overlap handling when working with empty seglist
— style: clean up comment to reduce spelling exceptions
— thread: No more breaks for pigs (union busting)
— tools: Install with the other tools; thanks to Jonathan McDowell <> for reporting the issue

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