Starkiller v2.6.1 releases: Frontend for PowerShell Empire


Starkiller is a Frontend for Powershell Empire. It is an Electron application written in VueJS. Multi-user GUI application for interfacing with the Empire C2 server from any computer. Starkiller represents a huge step forward for red teams trying to operate together on engagements. It comes with a lot of functionality.

Empire 3.1 expands the functionality of the REST API to include a new user management interface. Previously, Empire did not allow for multiple users to collaborate and all activity was tracked as a single user. The new multi-user collaboration features added the ability to have multiple users interacting with the C2 server while tracking their individual taskings.

Starkiller leverages the new API by allowing the admins to create and manage user accounts for the Empire C2 server. Multiple users can now login for remote locations and share agents through the interface. The advantage of multiple accounts is that reports can be generated for individuals or the entire team, depending on your goals.

The username defined when starting the REST API is automatically made the server admin. They have the sole capability to add users and can turn off accounts when necessary. To add or manage users click on the Users tab.

Changelog v2.6.1
  • Make notification bell menu scrollable with a max height
  • Fix the Listener buttons overflowing out of the toolbar

Install & Use

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