delator v1.2.2 releases: subdomain miner leveraging certificate transparency logs

DELATOR (lat. informer) is a tool to perform subdomain enumeration and initial reconnaissance through the abusing of certificate transparency logs. It expands on the original work done by Sheila A. Berta with her CTFR tool and leverages the speed and power of Go.

Changelog v1.2.2


  • Output to csv


  • Miscellaneous code fixes
  • Fixes to .gitignore file


  • Removed colorized console output


There are two ways to install dnsmorph on your system:

  1. Downloading the pre-compiled binaries for your platform from the latest release page and extracting in a directory of your choosing.
  2. Downloading and compiling the source code yourself by running the following commands:
    • go get
    • cd /$GOPATH/src/
    • go build


Using DELATOR is as simple as running:

./delator -d -s db

DELATOR can also be instructed to resolve any subdomains found, giving the first indication of any live sites:

./delator -d -s net -a

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