How to Read Someone’s Text Messages without Installing Software

Ever thought about getting to others’ phones and checking all their messages without letting them know? Or read someone’s text messages without installing software for hacking?

Well, you can make this dream of yours come true. Trust us; it is not rocket science or quantum physics. You will not have to stay up all night waiting; all you need is guidance from experts.

By checking the data on others’ phones you will know what they are planning on. You can also read their personal messages while sitting miles away from them. How? Read more to know more.

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How to Read Someone’s Text Messages without Installing Software?

Spying on a smartphone to read its messages or call logs is difficult but not impossible. Ever heard of – ‘Spy Apps’ before? They have become popular over the last few years.

They are mobile applications that can be installed on any smartphone to make tracking and spying unchallenging. You can easily read someone’s text messages without installing software on their or your phone.

These spy apps will assist you in getting all information about the outgoing or incoming calls & texts on the host phone. The apps sometimes also let you see the person’s real-time location.

Such apps are especially popular among teens and even college students, as they love apps that make their lives easier. Just as they like to pay for essay on EssayService app, they love knowing what their significant other is up to.

Working stealthily, these apps can perform all spying tasks easily. All you have to do is to select the best one, get registered, and start spying. But which is the best spy app?

A Solution to All Your Spying Needs- Spyier

Spyier is the most reliable and trustworthy message reader app that anyone could ever need. This app has millions of users from approximately 190 countries around the world, who count on the message reader feature of this app.

Once you have set up your account on this app, you will get complete access to the various messaging applications on the host’s phone. Through this you can read the messages sent or received, and Spyier will store all the messages in your Dashboard.

  • It also has a special iMessages reading option if you wish to track any of the iOS phones. And you can access all this information right from your web browser.
  • All conversations displayed will have timestamps. Therefore you will know the exact time of the chat.
  • Spyier can also maintain the record for all messages deleted from the phone so that you can read someone’s text messages without installing software. The app will back-up all data instantly. Deleting messages won’t keep you from reading them.
  • The records will also show the contact details for people from both messages and call logs. Names, contacts, display pictures, etc. will be displayed to you.
  • This app also gives you a Message Archive feature, so that you can have a copy of all the messages or calls done from the targeted device.
  • Another interesting aspect is that the Spyier app is recommended by top Tech platforms like Forbes, TechRadar, TomsGuide, and more.

You will receive real-time alerts of any messaging or calling activity done from the target phone/ tablet. The messages will also have a backup option, you can adjust the settings from the dashboard.

Start Spying with a Spyier Account

Step 1: Sign up for free

To make an account on Spyier, you just need to have your email ID with you. No extra information or charges at this stage.

Step 2: Get a plan

In the next step, you need to subscribe to a Spyier that fits your requirements. There are lots of different options available to you.

Select the Spyier Premium plan if you want to limit your access and interception to one device to read someone’s text messages without installing software. You can get a Spyier Family version to increase your access to several devices.

Step 3: Final Setup Process

To complete the last phase, you just have to follow the instructions mailed to you and choose the target platform. Whether you want Android or iOS, further procedures will depend on your choice.

For iOS, you will have to submit the targeted iPhone’s iCloud credentials. After this, you just have to wait for a few more minutes to read someone’s text messages without installing software.

Step 4: Welcome to Spyier!

You are now, officially, a part of Spyier’s large customer base. You can now start reading and tracking the host’s smartphone. Go to the Dashboard and start getting updates on all activities.

Spyier- Top of the line Message Reading app!

● No Root, No Jailbreak

Unlike various other providers, Spyier will not ask you to jailbreak or root the host’s phone to read someone’s text messages; without installing software. The device and identity safeguarding is the topmost priority of Spyier.

Jailbreaking or rooting can affect the overall safety of the phone. They make the phone vulnerable to third-party attacks. And on top of this, they also let the phone user aware of someone tracking their phone.

● Simple Setup

To read someone’s text messages without installing the software you just have to go through a simple Spyier account setup process. You just have to type in your email and leave the rest to Spyier.

Within a few minutes, you will be signed in and ready to track. No additional tech knowledge needed to use Spyier.

● Privacy Maintained

There are apps that can compromise with your personal data to let you read someone’s text messages without installing software. Not Spyier, this app maintains strict safety standards for all its customers.

None of your personal information is stored on Spyier’s servers. Keeping you safe from all cyber attacks and danger.

● Loads of Features

At competitive prices, Spyier can get you a great deal. It will get you lots of features that will make spying on one or more devices easier. Along with reasonable prices of Spyier, you will get:

  1. Tracking the latest location of the target phone
  2. Complete access to browser history
  3. Keylogger support
  4. Entry into conversations done through different apps


Spyier is a package of surprises with a wide range of features and uses. You can easily read someone’s text messages without installing software by using Spyier. It is a reliable and functional message reader app.

Tracking locations, intercepting messages, and access to multiple messaging apps- it can get you everything. It can also work with Android and iOS phones without affecting normal phone functioning.

Keep an eye on your target phone from distant locations, without letting the host know through Spyier.