Top 10 free hidden android spy apps for remote monitoring 2021

Cell phone technology has made its way to the next level, and android phones have become the trademark of mobile phone technology these days. Everyone loves to own a cell phone running with the Android operating system. Android spy apps also have gained hype over the years. Android spyware is everywhere on the web, but it is a hectic way to choose one out of hundreds.

Do free spy apps for android exist?

Yes, free spy apps for android and low prices exist on the web, but they develop for kids monitoring and track employees.

However, you can find out advanced android spying solutions on the web that support large and small-scale businesses and parental issues.

They are commercial applications that enable users to monitor, manage, and spy on android phones of their choice whenever they need.

We have done the research and tested the best spy apps for android, and we have concluded the top 10 android monitoring high-tech tools. In this post, you will get to know that you don’t need to waste your time and energy on the poor, scammers, and so-called free spyware anymore.

Let’s start!

Top rated 10 android spy apps in 2021 paid & non-paid

The digital market does provide plenty of options to have the best spy apps for android phones with a variety of traditional, typical, and result-oriented features at your disposal. People that are struggling to have reliable and trustworthy apps to spy on the phones of kids, employees, and individuals give you peace of mind.

Get your hands on the top 10 android spyware that are best for parental controls. It further monitors employee’s business devices. You will bear witness to having best android monitoring apps give below.

Here are the following monitoring solutions for android you need to know about:

  1. Mspy cell phone monitoring app
  2. TheOneSpy Android spy app
  3. Flexispy Phone spy app
  4. Mspy cell phone monitoring app
  5. XNspy Android Monitoring App
  6. OgyMogy mobile spyware
  7. SpyEra android spyware
  8. Cocospy Mobile spy app
  9. AppMia phone spyware
  10. Highster Mobile Monitoring App
  11. MobiStealth Phone monitor

Let’s get started to discuss all these android spy solutions to monitor cell phones to the fullest.

Mspy Cell phone monitoring App

Mspy is one of those spy solutions for android that works as parental control and spyware. The majority of the features are for kids monitoring. Mspy is the parental control software that enables parents to monitors kids’ cell phone activities.

Mspy best features

  • Installed applications
  • Block apps
  • Keystrokes logger
  • Call monitoring
  • Block incoming calls
  • Browsing history
  • Block websites
  • Keywords alert

Mspy price & packages

Mspy basic version for $29.99 per month

Mspy Premium version for $69.99 per month

Mspy: Pros & Cons


  • Mspy has the best features to set parental control on kids android, and iOS devices
  • Mspy is compatible with Apple and Android devices
  • The app has family kit to monitor multiple devices
  • Mspy has reasonable price plans
  • Works on non-rooted and non-jailbreak devices
  • The mSpy app is very much user-friendly. It offers a very handy control panel that anyone can operate easily.
  • Mspy has user –friendly interface, and provide the best parental control solutions for android devices


  • It offers a very limited range of features.
  • A live app demo is not available.
  • The mSpy app does not offer the surround rec
  • It has a limited set of features
  • Mspy does not have a surround recorder feature

TheOneSpy Android spy app

TheOneSpy is a non-rooted and hidden android spy app that offers fully functional, exclusive, and traditional spy features. The affordable price and easy-to-manage interface have made TheOneSpy the best spying apps for mobile phones running with Android OS. The spying software is low in price but offers features you won’t believe like call recording, GPS tracker, read messages, and call logs.  TheOneSpy android spyware makes you enjoy the monitoring activities but also provides control on your target device. The application has a user–friendly and easy-to-operate web portal that makes users execute spying on the target android device at the first attempt. The TheOneSpy android app takes few minutes to get install and works with a touch of steely determination.

TheOneSpy fundamental features

  • Call history
  • GPS tracker
  • Remote control
  • Browsing history
  • Surround recording (by taking over microphone)
  • Screen recording
  • Social media spy
  • Location history
  • Track without GPS

TheOneSpy price & packages

TOS XLite Plan: $25 per month, $15 for 3 months & $6.25 for 12 months

TOS Premium Edition: $50 per month, $28 for 3 months and $ 12.5 for 12 months

TheOneSpy: Pros & Cons


  • TheOneSpy has advanced monitoring features for android that include live camera streaming, live surround listening, and keystrokes logging.
  • The TheOneSpy app has the cheapest rate in the history of spying apps for android that is $25, along with state-of-the-art spy features.
  • The TheOneSpy installation takes few minutes, and non-tech savvy users can use TOS without hassles
  • It develops for non-tech savvy people, and the best-hidden spy app for android will never disappoint you. The application is exceptional in services, optional in data syncing, and compulsory to have physical access on the target device.
  • The customer care representatives have years and years of experience dealing with customer queries. The chat support team will instantly approach its users and provide the information they need.
  • TheOneSpy is non-rooted, hidden, and detectable.


  • TheOneSpy is offering Android monitoring solutions but does not offer a non-jailbreak solution for iPhone spying. TOS only offers a jailbreak solution.
  • TheOneSpy works on multiple devices one by one, and users cannot use one license on many devices at the same time.
  • Though remote installation is a bluff, and it does not offer remote installation.

Flexispy Phone spy app

Flexispy is an android monitor that has dozens of kids monitoring features. It lets you monitor employee’s android devices. Flexispy has its specialty to track mobile phones remotely from a distance. The application is popular and the most effective ones in the spy industry but with expensive price plans. It ranked second on our list of best spy apps for android devices.

Flexispy powerful & advanced features

  • Call recording
  • Call interception
  • Installed applications
  • Application activity
  • Dashboard Alerts
  • Location tracking
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Address book

FlexiSpy Price & Packages:

Lite Version: Buy a lite plan for $29.95 per month

Premium Version: Buy Premium plan for $68 per month s

Extreme Version: Buy Extreme plan for $199 for, 3 months

Flexispy: Pros & Cons


  • Users can create a free FlexiSpy demo account to try out the FlexiSpy app’s functionality.
  • Flexispy is pack with the cell phone, PC and with computer monitoring features
  • You can spy hardware devices like a hidden camera, GPS trackers, and many more by visiting its spy shop
  • It is compatible with Android, iOS, and MAC devices
  • Flexispy traditional features work without rooting and jailbreak
  • It has customer support team work 24/7
  • It offers a demo account for free, and you can use Flexispy app’s for a limited time


  • Flexispy advanced and exclusive features do not work on non-rooted and non-jailbreak devices
  • It is lacking with website blocking features

XNspy Android Monitoring App

It is one of the best android monitors that empower kids monitoring and is also valuable to track employees. XnSpy has the best features for Android phones and tablet devices. You can perform remote monitoring on your target android phone. XnSpy is an affordable, effective, and worth buying application because of its dynamic set of features. It ranked fourth in our list of best spy apps for android phones.

XnSpy Breathtaking Features you need to know

  • Block apps
  • GPS tracker
  • Call recording
  • Call logs
  • Social media spy
  • SMS spying
  • IM’s spying

XnSpy Price & Packages:

Buy basic edition for $29.99 per month

Buy Premium edition for $35.99 per month

XnSpy: Pros & Cons:


  • XnSpy offers android and iOS spy solutions
  • Application is worth buying for parental controls and the surveillance of businesses
  • XnSpy has a reasonable price range compared to their counterparts
  • It is easy to use and install on the targeted devices
  • XnSpy customer care team is active all the time, and you can feel free to ask them anything


  • XnSpy is a rooted and jailbreak solution for android and iOS devices
  • It is lacking with camera spying features
  • XnSpy does not offer a remote installation process, and XnSpy require physical access on the target device

OgyMogy Mobile Spyware

OgyMogy is the most powerful spyware that offers PC, MAC, and android monitoring solutions. The application has dozens of advanced phone monitoring tools. It is pack with surround recording, live camera spy, MIC Bug, keylogger, internet history, call logs, social media spy, and others. OgyMogy has an exceptional set of features, but the price range of the spyware is cheaper.

OgyMogy robust hidden Android spy Features

  • Record phone calls
  • Internet history
  • MIC Bug
  • Text messages spy
  • Keystrokes logger
  • Social media monitoring
  • GPS location tracking

OgyMogy: Price & packages

Buy basic plan for $29 for month

Buy extreme plan for $90 for 12 months

Buy standard plan for $69 for 6 months

OgyMogy: Pros & Cons

  • OgyMogy is non-rooted spy application for android phones, and tablets
  • It is hidden and works in a stealth mode
  • App remains undetectable on the target cell phone device
  • It is one of the cheapest applications in the market


  • The app is lacking with iPhone monitoring application
  • It does not support remote installation
  • It does not offer single license to use on multiple OS

SpyEra Android spyware

SpyEra is the android monitoring app that is pack with dozens of features and is useful for multipurpose like family tracking, surveillance on employees, and kids monitoring. Android spyware has features like call recording, VoIP calls, and many more. SpyEra has android spying features that are best in the business these days.

SpyEra Best features

  • Free Keylogger feature
  • Listen to the surrounds
  • App screenshots
  • IM’s tracking
  • Call recording
  • Live call listening

SpyEra Price & Packages:

Buy its plans for android and iOS for $89 per month

Buy its plan for windows and mac for $69 per month

But it’s all in one package (android, windows & mac) for $ 489

SpyEra App: Pros & Cons


  • SpyEra spyware can track and monitor devices like android, iOS, Windows and MAC
  • It has a robust set of features to monitor digital devices
  • SpyEra configurations process takes a few minutes and consists of few steps
  • App has an active customer care team
  • The application offers 10 days money-back guarantee if the user does not think the best features of SpyEra


  • SpyEra does not work without rooting and jailbreak
  • Use credit cards to get the subscription
  • The live demo is lacking
  • One of the most expensive apps

Cocospy Mobile spy app

CocoSpy claims to be the best Android monitoring app and offers features that are rare and best for kids monitoring, and for employee tracking. The application has all the features you expect in the best application. CocoSpy is easy to configure and the best service provider app for android spying and tracking other devices.

CocoSpy advanced Features

  • Contacts
  • Text messages spy
  • Bookmarking
  • Video preview
  • Keylogger
  • View activities in the calendar

CocoSpy price & packages:

Enjoy basic version for $39.99 for a month

Enjoy premium version for $49.99 per month

Buy family version for $69.99 per month

CocoSpy: Pros & Cons


  • CocoSpy is a user-friendly application and packs with powerful phone monitoring tools
  • Works on android and iOS devices
  • It offers a demo account to explain to the users about its functionality
  • Root and jailbreak is optional
  • The CocoSpy is easy to install, and spyware has a user-friendly interface


  • CocoSpy is an expensive application
  • The customer support team does entertain queries in real-time
  • The application is lacking with advanced cell phone spying features like call recording, screenshots, keystrokes, browsing history, and others

AppMia phone spyware

From all the android monitoring apps, AppMia mobile phone spy software is well-known because of its state-of-the-art monitoring features. It has all the features in a single subscription plan. AppMia monitoring application supports android, iOS blackberry, and many other cell phones.

AppMia powerful spying features

  • SMS and IMs Spying
  • Block apps
  • SMS spying
  • IM’s spy
  • GPS tracker
  • Call logs monitoring
  • Social media spyware
  • Block incoming calls
  • Voice Memos

AppMia Price & Packages

Free trial for $0

Buy Premium version for $194.99 for 12 months

AppMia: Pros & Cons


  • It offers a free app trial to help you get better insights into the app functionality.
  • AppMia spyware is easy to use and install and offer powerful features
  • It can monitor Android and iOS devices in a stealth mode and track Symbian devices
  • AppMia spyware functionality is exceptional, and non-tech savvy users can use it
  • Users can monitor the number of the device with their subscription plans
  • App offers free trials


  • Live chat support is not available. However, you can reach the Appmia support team through email.
  • The prices for paid subscriptions are very high.
  • Rooting and jailbreaking are necessary for advanced features.
  • Lacking live chat support, and AppMia allows users to send emails
  • The application is expensive
  • It does not work without rooting and jailbreaks

Highster Mobile Monitoring App

Highster Mobile android phone spyware has incredible features that allow you to monitor everything on the target mobile device. The Highster app has many features like camera recording, surround recording, and screenshots. Highster Mobile phone spy software is compatible with Android, and iOS operating systems.

Highster mobile sturdy features

  • Facebook messenger spy
  • IM’s spying
  • Spy on messages
  • Spy on calls
  • Restrict incoming calls
  • SMS & MMS
  • Monitor messaging apps

HighsterMobile Price & packages

Buy a basic plan for $29.99 for all time

Buy a pro plan for $69.99 for all time

HighsterMobile: Pros & Cons


  • It is simple to operate Highster Mobile spyware.
  • HighsterMobile has features for mobile spying activities
  • App offers a 30days money-back guarantee
  • Compatible with Android, and iPhones
  • HighsterMobile charge only once for its services


  • It has a limited set of features for spying on android devices for parental control
  • It does not have live chat support

MobileStealth Phone monitor

Mobistealth spyware has multiple products and services for Pc, Mac, and iOS. It has one of the best android monitoring solutions. The application works sneakily and empowers your target user, and tracks every activity on the target device. The application has got positive feedback from business professionals to get the service of employee monitoring.

Mobistealth best features

  • Record phone surroundings
  • Call recorder
  • Gmail logs
  • SMS spy
  • Keylogging
  • Snapchat logs
  • WhatsApp logs
  • Viber chat logs
  • Skype logs on rooted devices

MobiStealth Price & packages

Buy its pro version for $59.99 per month

Pros x version for $69.99 per month

Pros & Cons of MobiStealth App:


  • Mobistealth offers the best mobile monitoring tools that every spyware should have
  • It offers 15 days money-back guarantee
  • MobiStealth is hidden spyware, and it is undetectable
  • MobiStealth is easy to use and install on targeted devices
  • The app is compatible with Android, and iPhone devices


  • MobiStealth spyware is very expensive.
  • MobiStealth is expensive spyware
  • It does have a customer support team
  • The application is lacking with chat support

Way to choose Best Free App to spy on Android phone

Are you struggling enough to know how to get your hands on the best android spying service? You have to interact with the service provider first. You have to investigate that whether the service is offering a reasonable price, best features, easy installation, and refund policy or not. Therefore, don’t just blindly jump into the ocean of apps that have no popularity! The apps that we have discussed today are well-known, tested, and have years of experience in the spy industry. The above apps are the best ones in the business in 2021. We hope this post will help you out to find out the best android spyware to meet your cell phone spying needs.

Commonly Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the best spy app for android?

TheOneSpy without a doubt is the best android spy app. It offers robust, easy-to-use, and result-oriented features for kid and employee surveillance. App offers parental control features to protect and safeguard kids from online dangers.

Is there any Undetectable android spy app?

Undetectable android spy works sneakily and remains invisible on the target device. it operates without letting the target person that someone has kept an eye on him. It syncs the data instantly and sends it to the dashboard.

Best spy app for kids monitoring in 2021

TheOneSpy has proved itself over the recent years as the best and reliable hidden spy app. It is suitable for kids monitoring and arguably best for other spying activities. Parents can keep an eye on kid’s phones and gather information without them knowing.

Is the Android spy app track phone location?

Yes, Android spy apps like TheOneSpy are exceptional in tracking cell phone locations in real-time. Spyware apps provide GPS tech tools to get the target device location.

Why do I need Android spyware?

Android spy apps are suitable for the monitoring of smartphones and other digital devices. Android spyware can track your kids, and monitor your business workforce and prevent them from inappropriate activities. Spyware app for android is best for the digital well-being of kids. It builds a productive and safe business environment.