Tritium: enumerate and spray valid Active Directory accounts


A tool to enumerate and spray valid Active Directory accounts through Kerberos Pre-Authentication.


Although many Kerberos password spraying tools currently exist on the market, I found it difficult to find tools with the following built-in functionality:

  • The ability to prevent users from locking out the domain
  • The ability to integrate username enumeration with the password spraying process (User enumeration is a seperate functionality from the spray)
  • The ability to recursively spray passwords rather than running one spray at a time
  • The ability to resume password sprays and ignore previously compromised accounts

Tritium solves all of the issues mentioned above and more. User enumeration will no longer waste a login attempt because it uses the output of the first spray to generate a file of valid users. Tritium also gives the user the ability to pass it a password file to recursively spray passwords. And Finally, Tritium has built-in functionality to detect if a domain is being locked out due to password spraying by saving the state and quitting the password spray if 3 consecutive accounts are locked out.


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