Vivaldi browser 1.16.1230.3 release: Support adjustment tab size and tile

The Vivaldi browser for massive user development has just released a new version of the 1.16.1230.3 snapshot, introducing a resizable tab tiling feature. Although tabbed tiles already exist in the browser, users often call on them to be able to resize them. As a browser that is proud of its ultra-customisable, we are delighted that Vivaldi has finally brought this new option. Vivaldi browser uses DuckDuckGo search engine in private windows.

Image: Vivaldi

Ruarí Ødegaard said:

“While many of you know and love the feature, a very frequent request has been to add the ability to resize the tiles. From today, the tile separators can be moved (via a click and mouse drag), to make optimum use of your screen estate. Better yet, your adjusted layout will be remembered between restarts.”


  • New feature] Make tiled tabs resizable (VB-5064)
  • [New feature] Add predefined shortcuts for moving tabs left and right (VB-41415)
  • [Regression][Quick Commands] URL gets displayed after right arrow key is pressed (VB-41351)
  • [Regression] Crash on closing private window (VB-39613)
  • [Regression] Dragging a tab over another refreshes the tab (VB-41548)
  • [Regression] Not able to exit screen capture selection with escape button (VB-41338)
  • [Regression] Vivaldi tab crashes when the viewport scrollbar disappears (VB-41185)
  • [Regression] Do not track header is not sent in the first load of a new tab (VB-41485)
  • [Regression] Problem with displaying extensions popup balloons in private window (VB-41362)
  • [Mac][Media] Treat Mono AAC as Stereo to allow it to work (VB-41624)