Maryam: OWASP Maryam Framework for web application security

OWASP Maryam Framework

Maryam is a framework written by the Python language. Maryam is a core ready for those who want to have a framework for their web application security. With Maryam, you just have to write your modules and optimize this framework for a new distribute. Maryam includes predefined tools and a ready CUI interface that makes it easy for you to write a web application security framework.

Maryam has a console interface and comes with a toolbox that includes the primary library that a web scanner needs. In the toolbox, libraries like web scraping, request, regex ready, wordlists, search engines, .. You just need to insert your modules into the program and easily use them.


git clone


  • open config.json

      	"app_name" : "<application name>",
      	"module_extention" : "<your module extention.>",
      	"data_directory_name" : "<your data directory>",
      	"module_directory_name" : "<your module directory>"
  • You can change the application’s banner by opening the data/banner.txt file
  • After you have edited the config file and banner.txt, run the install file with root access:

sudo python install

  • Now you can run the application by entering the name of your application in the terminal


Copyright (C) 2018 saeeddhqan