7 tips to secure your marketplace

How to protect your online shop and marketplace


The field of e-commerce is especially demanding in terms of security because any online shop or marketplace stores millions of personal data. Many platforms already have a built-in security system that shows its effectiveness. It is reliable if such software is regularly tested, monitored, adjusted and updated. Modern CMS include CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor, but even sites based on them can be attacked by hackers. And to avoid this, there are a few simple tips.


Your online platform is up and running but have you thought about security? You must understand that if there is a hacker attack, you will lose not only your personal data but also the confidential information of your customers. And it’s devastating! Every user wants to find the perfect marketplace that suits all their requirements. And privacy and security are in those factors that he has determined for himself. In order for visitors to stop their attention on your web resource, convince them that it is safe. It would be very useful to read about how to choose the suitable marketplace

There are 7 simple tips on how to protect your Internet portal from any virtual threats.

  1. You need to rename the address of the admin panel. It’s best to use a password generator so it’s not admin.php or safeadmin.php. A randomly generated string must be safe.
  2. All passwords must be reliable and safe. Make sure that each account will have an authentic password (with uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols, numbers, and so on). Not only accounts, but your admin password must also be unique. It is better not to use the same password for different resources. Implement a password generator on your marketplace; perhaps it will be more convenient for your users.
  3. Professional developers advise you to install SSL and make redirects to HTTPS. It will be a specific security protocol that will create a secure encrypted connection between your server (company) and the user’s (client) browser. If you work in the e-commerce industry, then you know that it is very important to secure all virtual transactions in order to ensure the safety of your customers’ data. The browser can warn the user that your web-resource is not safe and will he trust your portal? If your hosting provider didn’t give you SSL by default then it’s better to buy this. For example, Roobykon Software can create the perfect marketplace for you, taking into account all technical aspects and security.
  4. All themes and various adds on your marketplace must be secure. Download CS-Cart themes from the official website and make sure it is compatible with your CMS variant. The official portal regularly checks all topics and marks them with a special label. The developers also monitor reviews to make sure they are real from real owners of CS-Cart stores.
  5. Don’t forget to update your platform, this will not only improve performance but also improve overall security. There are different hostings that will offer you daily checks even for free. Make sure you have backed up and tested updates before installing them on your system. If your portal is developed on SaaS platforms, then there you do not need to worry about virtual attacks. Independent platforms are more at risk because plugins, extensions and applications that are not updated will make your site an easy target for hackers and other intruders.
  6. Find the root folder and install tweaks in the config file. This file has a constantly growing list of settings to give your resource the best performance. But they need to be installed correctly to increase the safety of your web project. Open config.local.php and set it to “true”. You also need to adjust the cors_allowlist and csp_frame_ancestors files. But there are also files that need to be removed. Such files help hackers get more data about your portal. Delete test.php, temp_dump.sql and error_log.
  7. Conduct a security audit for CS-Cart portal variant. Although the latest versions can audit with your partner on your portal’s internal infrastructure. But you can do it yourself with the right software. But if you turned to an expert, then the essence of his work is the search for various vulnerabilities and risks of intrusion into the system. The audit carefully monitors your portal in order to secure the core of CS-Cart as much as possible.

Any e-commerce project involves a team of employees. That is, this is a group of people that ensures the life of your company and the operation of the virtual platform. Make sure they know the privacy rules and laws; only management should have access to the personal data of the portal. If people leave, then you must take away all rights to access the online shop system from them.

Be attentive to any threats; do not ignore the various problems that you notice in the system. Even a small error can become a hole into which a scammer crawls. Experts advise using a monitoring system that works in real time. This will give you notifications if it notices any errors and offer suggestions for fixing them. It will also monitor questionable transactions. For example, a fraudster may use different bank cards and make several purchases, but he is not the owner of these cards.


If you decide to work in e-commerce, then you should always keep both eyes open. Even a little negligence on your part will create a significant risk to your business. You are lucky if you have an experienced team of experts. But in many cases, you need to build an Internet business from scratch. It is better to delve into each point on your own in order to understand what is happening with your project. Your marketplace still has a long way to go to become popular and in demand. Guide it through all the stages to achieve high performance. You must know how to protect your website from any kind of fraud and other virtual threats. And also understand how best to prepare for them and eliminate them.