AI-based Google Lens come to the iOS platform

In an official tweet posted on Thursday, Google announced that the Google Lens visual search feature will appear in the iOS-based Google Photos app within the next week. In the 3.15 Google Photos app, which is online today, users can already use this feature to search and it is expected to complete the deployment in all regions within a week.

Google Lens went live last May and is considered the future of search. Different from the traditional search method for inputting keywords, users only need to pick up the camera, and Google can automatically search for content related to the camera object. For example, aiming the lens at the cover of the book, the user can then know where to buy the book in the vicinity, as well as publishers, user reviews, and the like about the book. Point the camera at a pair of paintings and you will be able to tell the artist’s name and the history of the artwork.