Apache DolphinScheduler Hit by Severe CVE-2023-49299 Flaw

In the rapidly evolving world of data orchestration, Apache DolphinScheduler has emerged as a vanguard, revolutionizing the way we handle complex data workflows. Renowned for its agile, low-code high-performance workflow capabilities, and robust user interface, DolphinScheduler has adeptly managed intricate task dependencies in data pipelines, offering a plethora of job types right out of the box. However, a recent discovery has put its security robustness to the test.

Tracked as CVE-2023-49299, a vulnerability is marked with an ‘important‘ severity rating. This Improper Input Validation vulnerability in Apache DolphinScheduler signifies a critical security lapse. It allows an authenticated user to execute arbitrary, unsandboxed JavaScript on the server.


The vulnerability affects Apache DolphinScheduler versions up to 3.1.9. What makes this particularly alarming is the level of access it grants. This vulnerability could potentially let attackers disrupt vital data processes, manipulate workflows, or even access sensitive data.

Security researcher Eluen Siebene has been credited for finding this flaw. CVE-2023-49299 is a stark reminder that even the most powerful tools can be vulnerable.

In response to this discovery, the Apache DolphinScheduler team acted promptly, showcasing their commitment to user security and trust. Users are strongly recommended to upgrade to version 3.1.9, which addresses and rectifies this issue. Upgrading to this version isn’t just a recommendation; it’s a necessity for safeguarding your data workflows against potential exploitation. Also, ensure only authorized users have access to DolphinScheduler, and implement robust authentication measures to keep unwanted performers out of the pit. Monitor your system for suspicious activity and keep yourself informed about emerging threats.