Apple WWDC 2018: iOS 12 and macOS Mojave officially launched

In the early morning of June 5, the annual Apple WWDC Developer Conference was held in San Jose, USA. The conference is all about software. At the conference, Apple officially launched the new iPhone operating system iOS 12 and announced a new version of the macOS desktop system, code-named “Mojave”, the version number should be macOS 10.14, but the conference did not explicitly say.

iOS 12 focuses on reliability and improves system performance. If you turn on the camera on an old device, the speed is increased by 70%, and all products that support iOS 11 support upgrading to iOS 12. Other new features include more open Siri Shortcuts, ARKit 2 that is more practical and integrated into real life, digital health functions with parental controls, and updates to social functions.

Other upgrades for iOS12 include:

  • CarPlay supports third-party applications such as the Gouda map
  • Notification grouping and one-click closure
  • App Limits application time control limits your child’s use of Apple devices
  • Screen Time function showing the number of daily use of mobile phones
  • Facet video chat for up to 32 people
  • Do not disturb mode App notification message when sleeping is added

Apple also officially announced macOS Mojave. The most noteworthy thing about macOS Mojave is the addition of the new dark mode, Dark Mode, which allows users to better focus on the job content. The desktop supports Stacks stack management to automatically organize and classify files. Mojave also updated the screenshot features and the newly designed Mac App Store. These new features make the system more powerful and easier to use.


Dark mode is a newly designed user interface that helps users focus on their work. Content becomes the center of the screen, and toolbars and menus go back to the background. When turned on in system preferences, dark mode creates a beautiful, undisturbed work environment that makes your eyes easier. Dark mode supports all built-in Mac applications, and future third-party applications can also be adapted.

In addition, Apple also introduced a brand new watchOS 5, tvOS 12.