AT&T will deploy 5G network this year in Dallas, Atlanta and Waco

AT&T, the U.S. telephone, and telegraph company, today promised to be the first to deploy a 5G network in the U.S. cities of Dallas, Atlanta and Waco in 2018 and will continue rolling out to more cities in the coming months after the project is completed and will cover 5G Service signal area doubled. AT & T last year planned to build a 5G network called “5G Evolution,” which was described as a remodeling and deployment of existing LTE capabilities that was then considered a marketing tool that confused concepts.

However, 3GPP formally announced the 5G specification in December last year, so operators can very clearly establish a signal network that fully meets the new standard.

AT & T’s 2018 5G program will be the first to use millimeter-wave technology and introduce new frequency bands while allowing existing devices to migrate seamlessly to 5G networks.

Source: theverge