AutoDirbuster: Automatically run and save Dirbuster scans for multiple IPs


Automatically run and save Dirbuster scans for multiple IPs


OWASP Dirbuster is a great directory buster but running it against multiple IPs and ports is a very manual process with a lot of downtime between scans. This script attempts to automate that process and eliminates downtime between scans.

What is the recommended usage?

If attacking multiple targets:

  • Run Nmap and find open ports, outputting the results with -oG or -oA
  • Run AutoDirbuster with the Nmap results and a timeout (closed ports or non-HTTP based services are ignored)
    • python -g Nmap_results.gnmap -to 15
  • As the pentest progresses, periodically review the Dirbust results using, which will ignore all Dirbuster error lines and only print the found directories and files

If attacking a single target:

  • python -st

What data does this need?

The script can take three data sources:

  1. List of IP:port or hostname:port, one per line
  • python ip_port_list.txt
  1. An Nmap Gnmap result file
  • python -g Nmap_results.gnmap
  1. A single target
  • python -st

How does this script work?

  • A list of targets is provided
  • A TCP connect scan is done on the target port to test if it’s open
  • If it’s open, HTTP and HTTPS requests are sent to determine if the service is HTTP-based and whether it requires SSL
  • If the service is HTTP, a check is done to determine if a previous report file is in the same directory. Report files follow the format: DirBuster-Report-IP-port.txt
  • Dirbuster is run using Python’s subprocess.Popen(). If a timeout is specified, then after the timeout period, a SIGINT signal is sent to Dirbuster so it can safely shut down and write results to disk. A note is added to the report indicating that the scan timed out.
  • The next IP:port goes through the same process (TCP connect, HTTP service query, dirbust)

This script isn’t working

Ensure the following

  • Are all of the dependencies listed in requirements.txt installed?
  • Is there a directory called “DirBuster” inside the same directory as
  • Does this “DirBuster” directory contain the Dirbuster JAR file named “DirBuster.jar”?
  • Is “DirBuster.jar” version 0.12?
  • Does this “DirBuster” directory contain a file called “directory-list-2.3-small.txt” (the default wordlist)?
  • Does this “DirBuster” directory contain a subdirectory called “lib” with the default 13 required Dirbuster JAR dependencies?
  • Is Java installed?
  • Is Java in your path?
  • Run AutoDirbuster with the –debug flag to view the subprocess command that AutoDirbuster is using to launch Dirbuster. Run this command from the terminal to view standard error as AutoDirbuster is configured to send subprocess standard error to /dev/null


git clone
cd AutoDirbuster && pip3 install -r requirements.txt


Copyright (c) 2020, NetSPI
All rights reserved.