Ayyıldız Tim group hacked Israeli Ministry of Defense

The Turkish hacker collective, Ayyıldız Tim, alleges they have penetrated the defense systems of Israel, gaining access to military intelligence, inclusive of classified details pertaining to military exercises and personnel.

In a communique on platform X (formerly known as Twitter), the collective proclaimed (Translated), “Confidential military intelligence, information regarding exercises and personnel belonging to Israel’s Ministry of Defense, have been breached and seized by Ayyıldız Tim. Behold the might of the Turks! We silently stand sentinel.”

Moreover, Ayyıldız Tim has announced their intentions to target the Israeli stock exchange, the nation’s electrical infrastructure, and its dam systems. The hackers emphasized their anticipation for the opportune moment and directive to execute these attacks. Additionally, in another statement, they intimated, “We might arrive one night without prior notice.”

The Israeli defense establishment has refrained from commenting on the matter.