The best learning Python resources for beginners

The Python community is always active in sharing learning resources and helping beginners master the language. But also because of too many resources, resulting in it is difficult to know how to find.

This article collates the best and most common Python resources and outlines their contents.

If you are learning to a programmer for the first time, the book recommended in this section is more suitable for you. If you have already studied other programming languages before learning Python, skip this section and go directly to the next section, “Experienced Developers.”

For newbie programming

  • Want the same time to learn Python, Django, and Flask, you can consider buying Fletcher, Michael and Jeremy’s trio offer  Real Python programs.
  • A short 5-minute video will tell you why they want to build the project Reflection, programming to solve the problem they want to solve is the better choice. It’s better to spend time on these projects and issues than to build a language that a friend recommends.
  • The CS for All ” is a professor at Harvey Mudd College by written disclosure Books, professors used the most basic Python professor of computer science knowledge. This book is a great primer for beginner programmers.
  • If you look at Laurence Bradford produced follow me programming is started programming before again with no programming experience, she would do well to help you. She did an incredible job of breaking down the steps the novice should complete and help them where they did not know where to start.
  • “Stupid methodology Python” is Zed Shaw is a free book.
  • Although not specific to Python, Mozilla provides for primary, intermediate web users and people who want the establishment of learning Web tutorials. From the perspective of ordinary web developers worth a visit.
  • Code Academy has Python articles, suitable for novice programmers.
  • “Introduction to Python Programming” introduces basic syntax and structural control in Python. The chapters in this free book offer plenty of code examples.
  • Google provides a lot of material and themes, if you want to become a professional programmer, you should learn to read it. These resources are useful not only for Python beginners but also for developers who want a better career in the software development industry.
  • O’Reilly’s book “Thinking like a computer scientist Python as” offers a free HTML version of the site.
  • “Python Practice Book” is a Python help you learn basic grammar workbook.
  • Looking for language learning mini project, click to see what these five Python projects.
  • One of the founders of Reddit Udacity course provides how to use Python to build a blog. The concept of Web programming is introduced through coding.
  • I’m learning Python site write a blog for non-technical people to learn programming has helped.

For experienced but beginner Python developers

Advanced Advanced

  • Python ecosystem contains information on the virtual machine, Python package management, PIP (Python package management tool), virutalenv (Python virtual environment) and some point to learn to master the basic grammar Python later.
  • Python Subreddit a large number of links to Python on, while there are an active community answer Python beginners and advanced developer issues.
  • Good to Great Python Reads a collection of online attention to detail and the Python language itself differences senior posts.
  • Free tips Python This Python has some free blog above discussion topic, but there is also some Python circle news.
  • Python Book includes some Python, Django and data analysis free books.
  • Python IAQ [rare] problem include some rarely answer some questions about Python properties, and consider why certain syntax provides a built-in language to achieve, while others do not.

Video, animation and presentation resources

Meetings and gatherings screen, and wherein the animation can best Python video page found on.

Useful Python packages

  • awesome-python is a Python framework contains a list of Python libraries and software. I really hope that I start learning Python when there are such amazing pages.
  • And awesome-python similar to  Easy-Python is a Git repository read document format.