Chrome OS will support to run Android applications in the background

Although Google Chrome OS already supports Android applications, it does not support to run in the background, this feature market reaction is not good. As long as the user opens another APP, the originally used APP will be temporarily out of operation, and if there is no storage, even the data will be lost.

Chrome OS

According to  Chrome Unboxed, Chrome OS 64 Beta has a feature called Android Parallel Tasks which, when turned on, shows Android apps that Chromebooks are running at the same time. Multiple applications can run in parallel without affecting each other.

At the end of the article, Chrome Unboxed said that this feature is currently only available in the latest version of Chrome 64 Beta, although it is highly unlikely that it will officially go to a stable release. When it’s online, it makes the overall usability of your Chromebook better.

Reference: chromeunboxed