CVE-2024-25065 & CVE-2024-23946: Critical Vulnerabilities Exposed in Apache OFBiz

Apache OFBiz, the popular open-source ERP framework, has recently been in the security spotlight. Two critical vulnerabilities (CVE-2024-25065, CVE-2024-23946) have been discovered that put a wide range of businesses at risk.

CVE-2024-25065, CVE-2024-23946

Decoding the Vulnerabilities

Let’s break down what these vulnerabilities mean in less technical terms:

  • CVE-2024-25065: Bypassing Your Defenses This flaw allows attackers to manipulate file paths within your OFBiz system. This path traversal vulnerability could enable attackers to bypass authentication mechanisms, granting them unauthorized access to sensitive areas of the application. This creates a significant opening for unauthorized access. The discovery of this flaw is credited to YunPeng.

  • CVE-2024-23946: Your Files Under Threat This particular flaw is also a path traversal vulnerability but leans more towards the risk of file inclusion. It allows attackers could potentially include malicious files within the system, compromising its integrity. This could be the first step towards broader exploits. The discovery of this flaw is credited to Arun Shaji from

The Wide-Reaching Impact

The potential fallout from successful exploitation of these vulnerabilities is alarming:

  • Data Theft at Scale: Customer information, financial records, trade secrets – all could be exposed if attackers break in.
  • Operational Chaos: Imagine your inventory system corrupted, orders misdirected, or production lines halted by malicious actions.
  • The Ransomware Threat: Attackers can use these entry points to encrypt your systems, demanding payment to restore access.

The Solution: Patch and Protect

The good news is there’s a fix! Upgrade to Apache OFBiz version 18.12.12 immediately. This version addresses both vulnerabilities, closing those potential entryways for attackers.