Deepin Operating System 15.6 releases

Deepin is an open source operating system for computers. It is a Linux distribution based on Debian’s unstable branch. It runs on personal computers and network servers. It runs on x86-64 architectures.

Development of Deepin is led by China-based Wuhan Deepin Technology Co., Ltd., that generates revenue through the sale of technical supportand other services related to Deepin. _via: Wiki

Image: deepin

Deepin 15.6 was released.


New functions

  • deepin welcome program, get new features quickly
  • New small window Launcher, customize your unique menu
  • Comprehensive Deepin Manual, easy to find out the answers
  • Light or dark theme, switch as you wish
  • Improved desktop components, more thoughtful functions

    Some of the new features are easy to get, while some are not and may be ignored. Even so, the detail fixing has never been stopped.


    • Added support for open mounting disk on dock;

    Control Center

    • Added left navigation bar;
    • Added music cover plugin;
    • Added the prompt when set auto login and login without password;
    • Added palm detect settings for touchpad;
    • Added scroll speed setting for mouse wheel;
    • Added progress bar display when checking for updates;
    • Added the prompt when there was not enough disk space for upgrading system;
    • Added system source detection;
    • Added support for configuring the wired network before plugging in the network cable;
    • Added two setting items when enable IPsec in L2TP by creating VPN;