EU fines Google for $5 billion on Android monopoly

It is expected that the EU antitrust agency will announce the fine for Google in a few hours because Google monopolizes the market with the Android bundle agreement.

At present, EU has not officially announced the number of fines imposed on Google, but some famous media quoted sources as saying that the penalty was $5 billion.

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Of course, if nothing unexpected, we speculated that the EU would ask Google to completely lift the mandatory bundling agreement with the manufacturer and not interfere with the manufacturer’s choice.

The option here is not that the manufacturer has the right to choose whether to use Android or not but to use Android to have the right to bundle products from Google or its competitors.


After more than two years of investigation, the EU believes that Google has granted manufacturers free use of Android but forced the bundling of Google products has violated antitrust regulations.

This bundling agreement is unfair to Google’s competitors such as Firefox, so Google needs to pay the corresponding fines and make corrections.

If the EU determines that Google violates anti-monopoly related laws, it has the right to impose a maximum fine of 10% by Google’s annual revenue in the EU market.

Earlier, some economic analysts expected the fine to be around $2.7 billion, but I didn’t expect the fine to reach a high price of $5 billion.

Google has already held a conference call with EU antitrust investigators on this matter, but Google has not yet issued any official announcements on the case.

Besides, the dispute between Google and the EU has not ended. Google search has prioritized that the European Union has fined its shopping guide platform more than $2.7 billion.

Even if the Android system monopolizes the fine, the antitrust agency is still investigating the monopoly of Google’s advertising platform, AdWords.

Source: Bloomberg